Skinny bitch vodka Skinny bitch vodka | soda Skinny bitch vodka | soda | cran

Skinny bitch vodka is MacBethenny and He-Kitty's original recipe, brewed right in the Meat Rack.  Starting with the cheapest vodka we can find, we add tap water and cheap poppers to loosen you up and give you the relaxing high you need without the calories you don't!

Skinny bitch vodka | soda puts Lady MacBethenny's old soda maker to use.  MacBethenny and He-Kitty fished it out of the garbage, and they use it to this very day, adding a little bit of bubbles to the original recipe while cutting the calories in half!

Skinny bitch vodka | soda | cran is our latest and now most popular product.  Tired of the bartender judging you for ordering a vodka, soda, with a splash of cran?  Well just ask for a Skinny bitch VSC to save the bartender time and wash that judgment away!

Skinny Bitch, Product of Fire Island Pines.  12% Alcohol/Vol (24 Proof) and 32% Poppers/Vol (64 Loose).  Skinny Bitch, logo and bottle design are trademarks owned by MacBethenny Productions LLC, c/o Lady MacBethenny, PO Box 22-TT, Fire Island Pines, Long Island, NY 24601.  Certain ingredients such as low-grade poppers have been known to create extreme relaxation.  Individual results may vary.  This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose or any disease or illness, although it has been known to prevent minor cases of celibacy and excessive responsibility.


Enjoy Skinny Bitch responsibly, especially before skinny dipping in a hot tub after 2am.  Excessive use can lead to waking up in New Jersey wearing nothing but a poncho.  The foregoing statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or the ATF, as Skinny Bitch is not a real product.


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