HE-KITTY Queen of the Bitches MACBETHENNY Adult Film Star & King of Fire Island

Skinny bitch is the brainchild of He-Kitty, Queen of the Bitches and Fire Island's favorite spell-caster, and MacBethenny, the great star of gay adult film and online videos whose recent takeover of Duncas Productions has taken the Pines by storm!


In just a few short weeks, Skinny bitch products have vaulted to the top in the Fire Island Pines.  Why, it wouldn't be Low Tea or High Tea without everyone holding a bottle of Skinny bitch vodka, Skinny bitch vodka | soda, or Skinny bitch vodka | soda | cran, while hitting on their friend's housemate.  But how did it all begin?

It all began with a witch of dubious magical powers and a great collection of wigs, her large stash of potions and other substances that typically just turn out to be poppers, and a large tree branch in the Meat Rack that conveniently fit her punch bowl and little vials perfectly in the camera frame.


There, in the wee hours before dawn, He-Kitty toiled and troubled over her plastic cauldron, toiled and troubled some more, until she found that magic mix of overpriced vodka and poppers that she knew the gays of the Pines would not be able to resist.

Or could they resist?  How would He-Kitty know?  She worried and worried until along came MacBethenny and his dopey sidekick Banqueen, fresh from the Cherry Grove underwear party.  There, just before dawn, in those sketchy woods, as the smell of videohead cleaner rose from the cauldron, MacBethenny and He-Kitty realized that they too could sell cheap watered down liquor to the unsuspecting gays of Fire Island Pines, if only they could brand it right.


And Skinny bitch was born!  Expanding quickly to three different varieties, MacBethenny and He-Kitty realized their dream of entering an oversaturated market with a substandard product, and the rest is history.


Skinny Bitch, Product of Fire Island Pines.  12% Alcohol/Vol (24 Proof) and 32% Poppers/Vol . . . okay, we're not doing this again, as you really should know by now that Skinny Bitch is not a real product.


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